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Monthly Archives: January 2018

The art of baptism

Lady Bird energized many weary tropes in its compressed 90-minute run time, but its most ambitious revitalization was that of the lapsed Catholic. Saoirse Ronan’s titular character moves through her private Catholic school with silent secularism—her attendance there isn’t a religious statement one way or

Love Your Melon and the Nuggets team up

A night to remember for children battling cancer CU Denver’s Love Your Melon Crew headed to the Pepsi Center on Jan. 19 to celebrate their very own themed night. They cheered on the Denver Nuggets in a matchup against the Phoenix Suns. “Love Your Melon

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Jan. 15, 2018 was the final day of the international Irish musician Dolores O’Riordan beautifully sung life. Though I did not know very much about her, she was a constant in my life. I grew up with childhood parents who (luckily) had a great taste

Blood Tangent | Column

  My phone will buzz. I will ignore every call. The screen will light up. “Call me, it’s about Mimi,” the text will read. When I read it, I will most likely be in the midday shadows of my apartment, the droning of a television

Things to know before adopting a sphynx

The cat breed is more complicated than it appears Sphynx cats are a strange breed.  They are alien-esque and adorable at the same time, they have big beautiful eyes, supermodel cheekbones, and velvet-like skin. But in the past few years, the sphynx breed has become

Hayley Kiyoko is a new queer pop-icon

Taking queer music into the mainstream Hayley Kiyoko is the icon the music industry has been missing. The 26-year-old former Disney star is taking the world by storm. She is a role model for young queer women and is representing the LGBTQ+ community, one song

Inside the Elfman’s The Forbidden Zone

The most absurd musical of the 1980s Thirteen years before Danny Elfman scored the seminal Tim Burton film The Nightmare Before Christmas, (he and his brother Richard Elfman)  conceived and created one of the most despicable, deplorable, grotesquely imaginative—even more so than Tim Burton—and brilliant

Justin Timberlake | Filthy | Single Review

Record label: Warner Brothers Records Justin Timberlake recently released his single “Filthy.” The classic early 2000s music icon is gone and has been replaced by an unoriginal, copycat singer. The track begins with an electric guitar hook that sounds promising but then deteriorates into screeching