Most striking cover of the semester


There is a wide expanse of emotion that art can elicit from an audience, but there isn’t any cover as emotionally engaging as the Queer Lives Matter cover from this past November.

The color palette that was chosen for this piece drew influence from the famous rainbow flag that has become synonymous with the LGBTQA rights movement. With the drag queen serving as the centerfold for the whole image, her monumental presence looms powerfully over the skyline of Denver.

This cover also speaks volumes to a beautiful collaboration between the mediums of photography and design. The Denver cityscape is an image that all students recognize instantly, drawing them closer into the content of the art itself. This realistic presence is juxtaposed wonderfully with the absurdly massive queen and her speech projection across the entire town.

The image is moving and has represented the new standard of excellence that The Sentry will pursue in regards to design.

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