Puffiest clouds on campus


Vaping has swept the nation, with millions of people owning their own vapor mods. It is a beautiful pastime; the vape nation culture is alive and well, and CU Denver is no exception to this culture. Many students can be seen walking around, ripping fat clouds, leaving a trail of vapor behind them as if some ghostly presence had just passed through. It is certainly a beautiful sight to see.

Campus has some prime locations to leave some fat clouds, where students can enjoy the presence of other members of the “nayshe.” One such location is between the King Center, Plaza Building, and Arts Building. There is a little courtyard just begging to be clouded over by some vape. Benches are provided, the trees overhang, and the vape clouds are high. “Oh yeah, I frequent this area quite a bit, it just suites my vaping needs,” William Killeen, finance major at CU Denver, said. “It really is a cool spot. I tend to look for a place that fits my swag, so I can make some major clouds, bro. Represent the nayshe.” William then walked away as his trail of strawberry cheesecake flavored vape followed behind him.

Truly, this is a mysterious and lively culture. This is just one of the many spots that are a must-see for any vape enthusiast attending CU Denver. Another acceptable spot for vaping is the quad by the Tivoli. The quad is a beautiful grassy area, and is just begging to be vaped on. “Yeah I like to hangout around here. I like to just sit on the grass, stare at the sky, and rip my mod,” Shane Murray, a student majoring in Latin American Studies at CU Denver, said. “It’s a really cool spot, and sometimes I like to just throw down a blanket and lay here for hours, especially when it’s nice out and when the sun is shining.” He was found lying on a blanket, soaking up the sun while ripping his mod.

There is one spot on campus that has a particularly high volume of vapers hanging out around the clock. In the parking lot at Campus Village Apartments, there is a small area known as “the pavilion,” and it is popping with clouds. At any point during the day, one can almost certainly see a few people hanging out at the pavilion, ripping their mods and clouding up the parking lot. This place gets exceptionally busy on weekends. The crowds of people hanging out, having a good time, and sucking their mods can get up into a few dozen. They are a very welcoming community; everyone has a big smile on their face. Vaping is an interesting hobby, with many e-juice flavors to choose from and a massive community. CU Denver has a very strong vaping population, and these are just a few of the places for this community to rip fat clouds on campus.

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