The happiest animal on campus

Photo courtesy of Instagram


Two-year-old Dash is one of the only police dogs on a college campus in Colorado; he has been keeping Auraria safe since his introduction to campus, wearing a smile the whole time.

Dash was rescued by the Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) and trained by the Rocky Mountain Canine Academy. The police department selected him one year ago because of his intelligence and good nature. Dash became fully certified as a police dog on Jan. 11 and got his certification renewed on Nov. 15. Now he works Monday through Friday, keeping campus safe with Officer Corey Averill. The pair work as a team when the department gets a call about suspicious items on campus.

Dash’s main job on campus is to detect explosive odors on foot patrols. “Dash loves his job because searching for explosives is a big game to him,” Officer Averill said. “He’s always really excited to get back to work on Monday morning.” Dash excels at picking up a scent and finding the source. He is always checking his environment, sniffing things like unattended backpacks, and sweeping the area before campus events.

Beyond explosive detection, Dash’s goal is community outreach. Dash’s playfulness helps to build a relationship between the police department and everyone on campus. He wants to make friends on campus and keep them safe. Dash really likes interacting with people; however, it is important to remember that Dash is a working dog first, and students need to ask before interacting with him.

Dash’s excitement about work and his easy-going personality is what makes him the happiest animal on campus. Dash will be around campus for training, events, and getting to know students. Dash’s campus adventures are documented on his Instagram @DashtheK9

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