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As a new year begins, people start experimenting with style in ways that haven’t been done before, or bring back crazes from the past. From “revolutionary” fashion choices to the color of the year,  2017 was no exception to that rule.

There were some pretty decent trends, including stars and constellations, which create simple yet elegant patterns. Fashion of the 80s also came back with full force. From chokers to customized denim jackets, people are rocking this look hard.

While there some highlights, there were some major trend flops in the beauty world. Eyebrows took the major cut this year. People became a little obsessed with their little hairs and manipulated them to look like squiggly lines, feathers, and barbed wire.

Although having Kylie Jenner lips was a trend from last year, people still saw their fair share of weird looks. Lollipop lips, the illusion of making it look like you just had a lollipop, became an unnecessary trend. If somebody wants lollipop lips, then they should just suck on a lollipop.

The worst trend of this year that really takes the cake was nostril hair extensions. That’s right—extensions for nose hair. These things look like spiders crawling out of someone’s nose.

While some of these trends are certainly hit-or-miss, as well as extremely questionable, it is pretty cool to see how creative people get. To each their own, right?

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