Best/Worst Celebrity Pregnancies

Illustration: Madalyn Drewno - CU Sentry


Illustration: Madalyn Drewno – CU Sentry

Rumors of Kylie’s pregnancy hit the media months ago, yet there have been no pictures or any type of proof coming from the Kardashians.

Kylie has reportedly come out saying that she doesn’t want to show her bump because she is “self-conscious of her pregnant and changing body.” For a young girl who always claims to embrace her flaws, it seems ironic that she won’t embrace a natural pregnant body.

People have wondered if the pregnancy is fake and just a ploy to get back in the spotlight, or if she is actually so self-conscious of a woman’s natural body that she refuses to prove that she is pregnant. The fact that those are the two options America has to choose from is ridiculous. Shaming her own pregnant body sets forth a horrible example for young girls to look up to.

Unlike Kylie, who refuses to prove or show any type of pregnancy, Gal Gadot embraced her pregnancy in November of 2016. Not only did she share the announcement openly with the world on her own terms, but she also filmed reshoots for the blockbuster film Wonder Woman while she was five months pregnant. While Gadot showed girls the possibilities of their power through the film, she also showed women the inner strength and power of their bodies in her real life.

Gadot’s character fought Nazis and the God of War, but the real Gadot fought morning sickness and exhaustion while filming sequences with a baby bump. Gadot has set forth arguably the best example of what a pregnant woman is capable of. She travelled, was away from her family, conducted fight scenes, and overcame the struggles of a changing body heroically. Wonder Woman’s social media and red carpet appearances display a beautiful pregnant body. Not all heroes wear capes, but all pregnant women are heroes and should embrace that power to the fullest.

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