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While there are many classic memes that keep people entertained for hours on end, every year people anticipate what relatable meme they will use incessantly on all social media platforms. 2017 was filled with great memes, but the best one to emerge from the internet is, hands down, the “White Guy Blinking Meme.”

Here’s the case: It is the most versatile and accessible meme, but in order to get into why it’s probably the best thing to come out of 2017, it’s important to know how this meme began. The white guy in this meme is Drew Scanlon, an editor for the gaming reviews and news website Giant Bomb. In one video, Editor-in-Chief of Giant Bomb Jeff Gerstmann plays an action-adventure game that requires players to grow their own crops. As he demonstrated how the game was supposed to be played, Gerstmann said, “I’ve been doing some farming with my hoe.” Caught off guard, Scanlon is seen momentarily reacting to that line and thus, the famous “White Guy Blinking Meme” was born. However, a tweet about a biology class really launched this meme into internet virality.  Soon, the magnitude of this meme’s popularity reached celebrity status when NFL player Terrell Owens used the meme in a tweet reacting to the NFL Hall of Fame announcement.

As to why this is the most versatile and most relatable meme, this expression is just a better way to say phrases that haveen been utilized in 2017, “Excuse me?” or “Sorry, what?” For example, say a person named Martha goes to Starbucks, tells the barista their order and their name, but when called up to get their drink, the cup says ‘Marbra’ [Insert Blinking Meme].

So when someone offers to share the “best meme ever,” just hit them with the blinking guy meme.

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