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In 1973, the world was given an infamous movie in which the Wild West, robots, and the future all came together as one. The film, Westworld, directed by Michael Chrichton, has now been turned into an epic series on HBO.

The dynamo television company HBO has also given viewers shows such as Game of Thrones, Veep, and the recently released Insecure. The corporation has a knack for knowing what their audience wants, and the remake of Westworld is no exception. Released in October of 2016, the series gained more numbers than the global phenomenon Game of Thrones and is still leaving viewers buzzing about the release of season two.

The series Westworld stays true to their 1973 roots, but adds several underlying stories. It manages to shock viewers with new romances, explicit fight scenes, and a maze that won’t stop churning out new questions while leaving old questions unanswered. The movie and series both rely on an amusement park that takes the guests back to a lawless Wild West. Not dissimilar to any blockbuster robot film, the robots begin to gain consciousness and rise up against the owners of the park. However, the plot is not so simple. Viewers are constantly questioning whether the robots are thinking for themselves or if they have been programmed to commit such acts.

In a review conducted by Vanity Fair, the series was titled a “strange and troubling wonder.” Troubling as it may seem, the trouble is what keeps the audience binging and coming back for more. Vanity Fair claimed, “It’s beautifully acted and intricately written, frightening, probing, and provocative.” Westworld presents an A-list cast, with actors such as James Marsden, Evan Rachel Wood, Ben Barnes, Anthony Hopkins, and Ed Harris. The character’s interactions fall together effortlessly through the seasons, yet they also tear apart on queue.

Although the viewer can see the metal and recognize the character is not human, the human emotion and connections are still tangible on both sides of the screen.

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