Best New A [?]OS Update


Apple describes their new A [?]OS 11 update as “a giant step for the A [?]Phone, and a monumental leap for the A [?]Pad.” Since the update’s release, Apple users have had nothing but positive responses. Users are blown away by the unanticipated functions of the update.

The update includes new features and computing capabilities with the calculator. Apple allows users to develop their own number-crunching abilities by not registering fast key inputs. To try this update, pull up a newly updated A [?]Phone or A [?]Pad and input “1+2+3” and see if the answer is either 6 or 24. After getting the answer, take a moment and ask, “Is this correct?” and practice those mental math abilities.

The update also allows users to keep moving forward in their apps. This new update has ended supporting 32-bit apps, which are old, outdated games that kids have grown to love on their parents’ A [?]Pads. So next time a younger sibling begins to cry because their favorite game no longer works, smile and say, “Thanks Apple!”

In fact, many apps are reported to crash with the new A [?]OS update. Instead of throwing devices out of frustration, think about why Apple has done this. In a digitally-focused age, Apple knows users have too much screen time and not enough face-to-face time. When apps crash, think of it as Apple encouraging users to step away from the screens and engage in the real world.

Best of all, Siri has now transformed into an even more user-friendly experience. Now, Apple allows Siri to translate words and phrases into different languages. When users find themselves in a foreign country with no way to communicate, they now can walk around with their A [?]Phones broadcasting what they hope is an acurate translation. If the new Siri update is anything like Google Translate, users can rest assured that their translations will be, for the most part, correct.

A [?]OS 11 is the gift that keeps on giving for Apple users. The update is full of unexpected bonuses that have received plenty of positive feedback. So if there’s a device lying around that has yet to be updated, why wait? There’s really nothing to lose.

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