Best Conspiracy Theory


Floating within the endless absurdity of social media is a hidden gem. Its name: The Fake Melania Conspiracy. The prevailing superstition is that the First Lady has recruited a body double to stand in for her during presidential events. Because of the Trumps’ allegedly rocky relationship, combined with some suspicious photos, Twitter users have begun to wonder just how far Melania will go to avoid her husband.

This theory originated on Twitter after a recent Trump address. In his speech, Trump awkwardly stated, “My wife, Melania, who happens to be right here…” The seemingly forced wording led Twitter users to begin comparing images of “Melania” during the address to previous photos of Mrs. Trump. After careful analysis of Trump’s strange line and the images of Melania, Twitter concluded that “Melania” is not the real First Lady at all, but rather a body double.

The fake Melania conspiracy is by far the greatest theory to surface recently because the sheer hilarity  truly captures America’s current climate. Distrust for the media and for the government is on the rise among citizens of all political beliefs. Current events from Trump’s twitter war with Kim Jong-Un, to the Colorado Springs Serial Pooper, have taken a turn for the unbelievable. As such, it is not a stretch to consider the possibility of an “alternate Melania.”

In a world of tense politics and precarious international relations, one cannot help but be grateful for a sliver of comedic relief. Instead of focusing on the darker side of current events, the fake Melania conspiracy provides a lighter look at the state of the nation.

So, is “Melania” a body double? A clone? A robot? The world may never know. But for now, America can enjoy the small break from all the distressing political noise.

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