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Pencil Shavings | Tessa Blair

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Being the youngest of four children has its perks and faults. As a kid, you get spoiled but are the servant of your siblings; you get all the toys your siblings grew out of but they’re old and broken; and you get to learn from your siblings’ mistakes but have to live up to the expectations they set. As an adult, it’s much of the same. But I am lucky enough to get most of the perks and little of the faults.

Since I was a kid, I’ve watched my older siblings grow, fail, and learn. They’ve made it through failed relationships, college diplomas, and various job endeavors.

If it weren’t for my siblings’ love of and success at CU Denver, I probably would have never decided to go here. If my brother hadn’t have told me about how awesome working at the school paper was, I may have never even applied. If I hadn’t have been able to watch my siblings work through heartbreak and happiness, I might not be in the wonderful relationship I am now.

Learning through my siblings’ experiences has given me a very real view of the world I’m living in—their failures and victories equally meaningful. And this past weekend, I got to be a part of one of the biggest victories yet.

On Sunday, my oldest brother Dylan married the love of his life, Carly. I’ve seen their relationship grow and strengthen over many years, and as I heard them each say “I do,” I could see in their eyes that this moment will be remembered as a victory and not a failure.

I wish Dylan and Carly a lifetime of happiness, love, and learning—and I hope that in my life, I can take after their example. Though I don’t have younger siblings to look up to me in the same way I look up to mine, I know there will be others that I can pass on what I have learned, adding my own lessons through personal failures and victories along the way.

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