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Comedian couple creates cult following


Over the past decade, podcasts have grown into becoming one of the primary forms of media. Content creators have utilized the platform to express incredibly personal material to massive audiences on a regular basis, catapulting podcasts into one of the most widely consumed forms of media.

Married comedians Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura have mastered the audience-to-creator formula on their weekly podcast Your Mom’s House (YMH). YMH immediately indulges the listener with overwhelmingly hilarious content right off the bat. New listeners will experience an onslaught of totally juvenile, yet irresistible, commentary from “Main Mommy Christina” and “T. Bunz Tom” as they view a selection of the most ridiculous videos they can find online. The comedic duo’s ability to find a wealth of humor in all things ropes is instantly engaging.

The real reward of YMH  comes with time. With 423 episodes to date, jokes from years ago still make subtle appearances in episodes, tapping into a plethora of nostalgia for loyal listeners. Referring to their listeners as “Jeans” and “Mommies” has deep-rooted ties to inside jokes created in episodes prior to the present day. These throwbacks have become a pivotal component to the solid familiarity for fans of the show itself. Fans write letters to the duo, blatantly interweaving inside jokes from the show such as, “just glassin’”, “Hey Hitler”, and “Come get some moose soup!” These jokes have literally zero real-world meaning other than that which has been assigned to them by the viewership. This keeps new content entertaining and engaging for an older audience.

YMH airs every Tuesday at midnight, Mountain time. It promises to reel in anyone who is interested in observing the world through the eyes of two incredulously funny comedians. So continue to keep the jeans high and tight and come on over for some moose soup later.

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