Robert Plant | Carry Fire: Album Review

Artist: Robert Plant
Album: Carry Fire
Release Date: Oct. 12, 2017

Robert Plant, former lead singer for Led Zeppelin, released his newest album, Carry Fire, on the record featuring simple yet haunting lyrics with complex acoustic melodies. Plant utilizes instruments from cultures around the world, such as the t’bal, bendir, oud, and djembe, and also features tracks with everything from Eastern-inspired rhythms to Western folk music. The multicultural influence is evident from beginning to end, with the mixture of fiddles and stringed instruments and drums common in Arabic countries. Plant has recently leaned toward more acoustic melodies, but some tracks on Carry Fire show that the loud rock ‘n’ roll riffs have not been totally forgotten.

“The May Queen” starts the album with Eastern rhythms from a bendir along with psychedelic acoustic guitar chords.  A subtle synth beat accentuates the two contrasting sounds.

Carry Fire also features a cover of Ersel Hickey’s song “Bluebirds Over the Mountain,” marking a return to the synth rock that Plant has mastered. The complex rock ‘n’ roll structure accompanies a powerful drum beat. Coupled with Plant’s dynamic vocals, this track wouldn’t sound out of place on a Led Zeppelin record.

Though a step away from the glass-shattering screams that Led Zeppelin fans are accustomed to, this record instead features Plant’s tender, crooning vocals consistently throughout the album. Carry Fire exemplifies Plant’s refusal to cling to what he is known for, but still proves his dominance of the rock ‘n’ roll genre.

Rate: 4/5 Stars

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