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Daily Archives: November 15, 2017

Pencil Shavings | Tessa Blair

I want to be a dentist!” I told my mom confidently, ecstatic that at age six I already knew my calling in life. Then at age seven, I was wiser. I had really planned my future; I was going to be a poet. Later, I

Blood Tangent | Sarai Nissan

I’m on the list,” I say not so surreptitiously to the grumbling face behind scratched up, filthy glass. A little surge of superiority floods my brain whenever I say it. I feel cool, like a VIP ghoul, like maybe I’m kind of important. “Can I

Stranger than Fiction | Matt Kriese

In the grand context of the world, there is an almost unapproachable plethora of issues threatening the stability of a country’s wellbeing. Questions regarding global recessions, women’s rights, and independence have haunted national news coverage for the better part of the past decade. These issues

The Minority Report | Ashley Kim

I recently attended a “Queer Faith Panel” hosted by CU Denver’s Women and Gender Center. The panel featured students and staff from the Auraria campus who identify with a queer identity and a faith identity—two things that are often autonomous of each other. Some students

Photo Booth: Queer Lives Matter

CU Denver’s very own Genders and Sexualities Alliance (GSA) held their annual Queer Lives Resource Fair and Drag Show on Nov. 2. This event served to provide helpful resources to all students of the Auraria Campus. With food and fun prizes available for raffle by checking in

Cardi B drops records and takes names

WOMEN IN HIP HOP GET NOTORIETY Cardi B is one of the few women to successfully monopolize the market on Instagram fame and use reality TV to garner her hip hop career. Born Ballcalis Almanzar, the bronx-born rapper signed to Atlantic Records after choosing to

MGMT | Little Dark Age: Music Video Review

Artist MGMT Single: Little Dark Age Release Date: 2017 MGMT and their visual identity have come to a new urbanity with a music video for the single, “Little Dark Age.” MGMT is not a stranger to the surreal and has successfully slithered their hallucinogenic tentacles

Ho99o9 | Neighborhood Watch: Single Review

Artist: Ho99o9 Single: Neighborhood Watch Release Date: 2017 In this increasingly evolutionary period of human history, it is only natural that hip hop and hard-core punk would coincide into the form of a gritty, mutinous band that goes by Ho99o9—pronounced “horror.” Following their first full

Surf rock ensemble promotes self-love

THE DRUMS PUT ON AN INTIMATE SHOW AT THE BLUEBIRD With temperatures of fall waning into the freezing cold of winter, The Drums and their dolefully optimistic surf rock brought back a taste of the summer sun to Denver on Nov. 6 at the Bluebird Theatre.