Weezer | Pacific daydream: Album Review

Artist: Weezer
Album: Pacific daydream
Release Date:  Oct. 27th, 2017

Indie band Weezer first gained popularity in the mid-90s as a quirky alternative rock group. But Weezer’s latest album, Pacific Daydream, drifts vastly from the band’s roots and will prove disappointing for fans partial to Weezer’s former style. Weezer has maintained their prominence in the music industry for some time and seem to have perfected the formula for creating hit tunes. Sadly, Weezer’s use of a “musical formula” makes the songs sound just that —formulaic.

In the past, Weezer has been known for their discordant and edgy underground sound. Yet the overly-produced Pacific Daydream is filled with peppy, unoriginal songs like “Feels Like Summer” and “Beach Boys.” Both of these songs, along with the majority of the album, are run-of-the-mill pop-rock summer anthems. These songs are not necessarily poorly made or performed, but the monotonous major key tonality and stop-start guitar pattern is unremarkable.

Far from their usual style, songs like “Weekend Woman” uses a conventional rhyme scheme, highly polished instrumentals, and essentially the same chords as countless other pop-rock hits. Instead of taking a risk with their usual outside-the-box lyrics, riffs, and melodies, Weezer decided to play it safe.

While Pacific Daydream is bound to get plenty of plays on the radio, this album greatly disappoints when considering the previous artistic potential of this group. Pacific Daydream is shallow, uninspired, and only shows that Weezer has lost its identity as a band.

Rate: 1/5 Stars

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