Marilyn Manson | Say10: Music Video Review

Artist: Marilyn Manson
Song:  Say10
Release date: Oct. 9th, 2017

Marilyn Manson recently released his new music video, featuring Johnny Depp, for “Say10.” But instead of an artistic masterpiece, the video only proves that friends don’t always make ideal collaborators. On the surface, the “Say10” music video is well made; the shots are artistic and capture the twisted nature of the song, while the lighting and color contrast serves to create striking images. But these elements are not enough to redeem the unsubstantial and meaningless content. The video primarily consists of Manson and Depp sitting in thrones surrounded by naked women. What originally presented itself as a captivating plot quickly degrades into a cheap scheme to garner sex appeal that repeats itself throughout the video.

Shocking imagery is, and always has been, quintessential to Manson’s style. Therefore, the issue with “Say10” is not the explicit content, but rather the excessive and utterly meaningless use of obscene imagery. In the past, Manson has used controversy to make bold political statements and to draw attention to the undeniable darkness of the world. The singer is known for his artistic use of shocking imagery that serves to reveal Manson’s deeply insightful nature. However, in “Say10,” Manson’s usual finesse is abandoned entirely, making for a shallow, unsubstantial music video.

Watch the music video: Say10

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