King Krule | The Ooz: Album Review

Artist: King Krule
Single: The Ooz
Release date: Oct. 13th, 2017

British singer and songwriter Archy Marshall, known as King Krule, blends blues, rock, rap, R&B, and EDM influences to create a fascinating concoction of an album. While such an obscure mixture of genres has the potential to clash, King Krule manages to combine these elements almost perfectly in his latest album released on Oct. 13, The OOZ.

King Krule’s style centers around the singer’s low, sluggish, and melancholy vocals, backed by distorted instrumentals. But in truth, it is difficult to accurately characterize King Krule’s sound, as every song on The OOZ has a one-of-a-kind feel.

The album’s 15th track, “Half Man Half Shark,” is a bass guitar-heavy tune with  pulsating guitar riffs reminiscent of the eratticism of rockabilly punk. This dynamic tune is discordant but the mixture of R&B piano ensembles and rapid rockabilly bass makes the listener unable to resist the urge to tap their foot to the beat.

In truth, King Krule’s only real flaw throughout The OOZ is his mumbled singing style, although it is an acquired taste for some. While Krule’s style blends well with more distorted tracks, there are instances in which the chaotic instrumentals, combined with Krule’s vocals, serve to make the track noisy and incomprehensible.

Overall, The OOZ is a standout album that deserves both recognition and praise. King Krule is a visionary and his songs are innovative, inspiring, and captivate audiences everywhere.

Rate: 4/5 Stars

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