Dua Lipa | New Rules: Music Video Review

By now, many have seen the thumbnail for Dua Lipa’s music video, “New Rules,” filmed by Henry Schofield in Miami’s Confidante Hotel.

During the video, Lipa learns to heal from a negative relationship by surrounding herself with her group of girlfriends. Lipa, who’s been vocal about her feminist beliefs, proves that she’s all about holding women up. “I loved the idea of girls looking after each other like that, holding each other, that sense of humility, that sense of strength,” Lipa said. The coordinated and repetitive movements are mesmerizing. For example, Lipa walks back and forth in the same room, all while reciting the same rules to herself. “One, don’t pick up the phone / You know he’s only calling ‘cause he’s drunk and alone.”

Toward the latter part of the video, Lipa walks over to the pool with her squad and starts to walk on water; the Jesus reference is not wasted upon viewers. This goes back to Lipa’s message of empowering women, with Lipa herself helping her squad come up with the strength to get over toxic relationships.

The pastel colors, choreography, and empowering message of Lipa’s video comes together to create an  incredibly memorable video, incredibly memorable video.

Music Video: Dua Lipa – New Rules

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