The Killers | Wonderful Wonderful: Album Review

Artist: The Killers
Album: Wonderful Wonderful
Release date: Sept. 22nd, 2017

Since the band’s debut in 2001, The Killers have sold over 25 million albums and have toured across the globe. With such a reputation, audiences have come to expect top-notch content from The Killers, and the band’s most recent album released on Sept. 22, Wonderful Wonderful, does not disappoint.

The track “The Man” features many of The Killers’ typical elements such as singer Brandon Flowers’ soaring vocals and vibrant instrumentals but this time around their bold lyrics and heavy drum beats reveal the band’s more aggressive side. This song is an unapologetic tune that boasts about the subject’s power and influence. In contrast to much of The Killers’ previous work, “The Man” is a driving song to get anyone pumped up. Similarly, songs like “Out of My Mind” and “The Calling” show a greater techno influence than The Killers’ previous work. These tracks give Wonderful Wonderful a unique, new flair which will take even the oldest fans by surprise.

There are a few tracks on the album that are less than attention-grabbing. “Have All The Songs Been Written” has a dramatic build-up, but it is far too long to hold the listener’s interest.

Overall, The Killers’ dedication to growing as a band exemplifies the members’ range of skill as well as a their refusal to get comfortable or complacent. Wonderful Wonderful proves that even after 16 years, The Killers remain passionate about the art of music.

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