Echosmith | Inside A Dream: Album Review

Artist: Echosmith
Album: Inside A Dream
Release date: Sept 29th, 2017

Echosmith, known for their catchy and relatable tunes, debuted a new sound for their latest EP Inside a Dream on Sept. 29. While the change was subtle, it wasn’t welcomed.

These musicians have matured their sound by adding more pop-driven tones to make them more danceable. Although they still stick to their melodramatic tales of growing up and finding love, Echosmith strays from their endearing naivety and innocence, and that is where they go wrong.

“Lessons” acts as an introduction for the EP, with vocalist Sydney Sierota cooing, “And if you want a pretty wicked game / ‘Cause all I’ve got to go off / Are lessons from a love song,” and the chorus sounding very reminiscent to “Let’s Love” from their debut album. It’s as if they tried to blend a bit of 80s Fleetwood Mac with Taylor Swift. If they stuck to what they know, like their upbeat bass and fast drums, they would have produced a better product. Like a majority of their EP, “Lessons” falls flat.

With a quick listen, fans can tell that Echosmith is trying to experiment and create a new sound. Change is good, but it is not always necessary. Some fans will be listening to Echosmith’s debut album on repeat while waiting for a better sophomore album.

Rate: 2/5 Stars

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