The AVS 5K races its way through Denver

Photo credit: Kalob McConnell - CU Sentry


The AVS 5K event, held at the Pepsi Center in collaboration with the Colorado Avalanche and the Dawg Nation Foundation, had a huge turnout this year. The event was charity-based, with five dollars of the $40 entrance fee going to proceedings for the Dawg Nation Foundation.

Photo credit: Kalob McConnell – CU Sentry

The morning of the event was cold and gloomy, but that didn’t stop people from arriving as early as seven in the morning. Everyone was decked out in warm Avalanche gear from head to toe. The lines built up for the waiver forms and the staff happily waited to let in the marathon runners.

In the viewing area for the marathon there were tents set up got Coors Beer that had beer stocked to the brim; snack tents with fruit snacks, granola bars, and water bottles were ready for the famished marathon runners; and the Dawg Nation Foundation tents was staffed with friendly faces ready to answer any potential questions about the organization.

Street hockey was set up for the kids, and many were zipping around in their skates. Despite the gloomy conditions, everyone seemed to be in a good mood and as excited for the event. Sidewalks were closed and cars were being redirected for the race route.

Photo credit: Kalob McConnell – CU Sentry

The race itself was not competitive, with people walking, running, and pushing kids in strollers. It was all in good fun and everyone had a fantastic time. Overall, the AVS 5K event was a successful; with spirits high, and temperatures low, this truly was an avalanche of a marathon.

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