Marilyn Manson | Heaven Upside Down: Album Review

Artist: Marilyn Manson
Album: Heaven Upside Down
Release date: Oct. 6th, 2017

Marilyn Manson is arguably one of the most recognizable names in the rock music industry. Manson’s controversial image and dark music have captivated audiences since the 90s; the singer’s newest album, Heaven Upside Down, released on Oct. 6, proves that Manson is still the king of goth.

The album opens with the track “Revelation 12” which starts with an up-tempo and distorted guitar riff. This track launches directly into Manson’s signature gothic style and even blends elements of punk rock, rarely seen in Manson’s work. “Revelation 12” sets a powerful stage for the rest of the album and leaves listeners wanting more.

Manson balances these vigorous tracks with the song “Saturnalia,” which manages to maintain the album’s fast pace, while breaking away from the template of the other tracks. While “Revelation 12” and “Tattooed In Reverse” rely on sudden, heavy guitar notes, “Saturnalia” stands out in its consistent backing melodies. The guitars in “Saturnalia” push the song forward, making it the perfect tune for a fast-paced, highway drive.

Admittedly, there are times when Manson’s gothic style works to the detriment of his music, as in the songs “JE$U$ CRI$I$” and “SAY10” both songs in which the controversial tone seems too forced. These songs feature cliché lyrics with little apparent meaning that come across as somewhat contrived.

At its core, Heaven Upside Down is a dynamic album which will have goth fans raving. It truly justifies Manson’s massive fan base and promises that the king of goth will not be relinquishing his crown anytime soon.

Rate: 4/5 Stars

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