Sera’s Ramen Enclave packed with flavor

Photo: Ashley Bauler - CU Sentry

Photo: Ashley Bauler – CU Sentry


Far and few are the local culinary experiences that transport the consumer to impossibly far away places. But, Sera’s Ramen Enclave does this to a mesmerizing degree. All components of this cozy hideaway, from the vibrant colors of its walls to the very aroma of brothy goodness that bathes over customers as they enter, come together in a glorious culmination of Japanese cuisine and culture.

The primary staple of this particular spot right in the middle of the renowned 32nd street marketplace is, as the name would suggest, ramen. Ramen, the foundational culinary element of all collegiate experiences and lifestyles, has a particular connotation of being the everyman’s dish; however, quite the opposite reigns true at Sera’s. Ramen is elevated to almost a monumental status. That is to say, ramen is king. This philosophy regarding a dish so elementarily perceived in society at large defines the broader outlook that Sera’s applies To all aspects of its restaurant.

The first thing that a customer will notice when entering Sera’s is the way in which the traditionally undervalued is emphasized. For example, there is no front door; instead, a narrow side alley leads customers to the back porch with intimately scattered, circular tables underneath a thin canopy shade. This seating area—although lovely in all senses of the term—is not necessarily conducive to a comfortable ramen eating experience, especially with the souring of weather into the fall.

So, it is most advisable that patrons try the indoor seating where they will be surrounded by a myriad of pop-art and beautifully maintained plants. The environment provides a deep sense of warmth, as though the broth itself spilled itself into the ambiance of the place itself. There are massive paintings of koi fish forming the two halves of yin and yang while ultra-modern electronic music underscores the entire venue.

Photo: Ashley Bauler – CU Sentry

The menu itself is enormously enticing to anyone who is in need of a cure to the rain induced blues. Appetizers include trusted standards like crab cake wontons for $6 and Vietnamese egg rolls for $10. But these standards are only a minor aspect to an otherwise uniquely built menu. The ramen section is full to the brim of wonderfully unique dishes. Take, or example, the Shoyu ramen ($14) which contains roasted pork belly with soy sauce broth served with poached egg, bean sprouts, and bamboo shoots.

There’s also Spicy Dasho Miso ramen ($13) which contains, among other things, enoki mushrooms, grilled chicken, and quail egg. Both of these ramen options will work wonders for those weary of the changing season and those who can’t wait for the weather to continue to change as well. The dishes themselves transport the customer to a distant place, where the freshness and quality of ingredients are done due justice through the care of cooking put into making them something great. The final product is sublime, culminating in an holistically joyous experience.

Sera’s Ramen Enclave provides the paramount experience for the changing weather. This culinary moment can only be spoken of with the utmost excitement and pleasure.

Sera’s Ramen is located at: 3472 32nd Ave, Denver, 80211.

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