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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Feeling ill? Stay home.

NO NEED TO GET EVERYONE ELSE SICK, TOO Aphlegm-filled cough growls from the depths of a mucus-coated esophagus. A throat cleared, a sniffling nose, and finally a sneeze; dreary eyes and lip corners are dried miserably from hours of mouth-breathing during sleepless nights. One can’t

Blood Tangent | Sarai Nissan

Stiv Bators was born on Oct. 22, 1949. He was the unsung hero of CBGBs, the devastatingly underrated frontman of the seminal punk band, The Dead Boys and later The Lords of the New Church. Stiv died in the most punk-rock, albeit tragic way. In

The Minority Report | Ashley Kim

In 2014, I attended over 30 Rockies games with a good friend. In that season, we had seen just about everything. Nolan Arenado hit his first Grand Slam. Michael Cuddyer hit for the Cycle. Todd Helton’s number, 17, was retired. We attended two double headers.

Rick and Morty season three recap

SEASON FINALE LEAVES FANS UNRESOLVED Rick and Morty is a popular, adult animated TV show on Adult Swim. The show, created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, focuses on a drunken, genius scientist—Rick Sanchez—and his socially anxious grandson—Morty Smith. The duo goes on interdimensional quests

Pencil Shavings | Tessa Blair

My dogs Luna and Coco recently had a DNA test, which found that they are a hodgepodge of breeds—from toys to herders, and everything in between. But one breed in particular is a significant part of their makeup: American staffordshire terrier. Even knowing this, I

Stranger than Fiction | Matt Kriese

In a world seemingly cursed by the darkest news imaginable, silver linings seem to shine brighter than ever. After the past few weeks, especially with rising gun-related deaths domestically, more concentrated conflict in territories previously dominated by the Islamic State, and sexual harassment scandals, finding

Raul’s Report: You’re Not Alone

CAMPUS RESOURCES AVAILABLE I ran into a student on campus the other day. They were starting to feel pressure about graduation. They were unsure of their professional future and were having a hard time figuring it all out. They didn’t know who to lean on

Boo at the Zoo sparks Halloween spirit

ANNUAL EVENT BRINGS FAMILIES TOGETHER The 33rd annual Boo at the Zoo kept the Denver Zoo busy this past weekend. The family-friendly event encouraged children to come dressed in costumes, and most did while jumping around excitedly as they walked into the transformed zoo. Attendees

Cosplayers challenge gender norm

COMIC CON HIGHLIGHTS THE FLUIDITY OF COSPLAY Deadpool is lying prone on stage. Even motionless, even feigning death, the 20-something X-Men surrounding him on the Cosplay Photo Gathering Stage can’t redirect the audience’s attention from the collapsed mercenary. His cosplay—a handsewn dress of black and