Noisiest Colorado Band


Surf rock is loud. Surf rock is grimy. Surf rock is Slow Caves. With their recently-released EP, Desert Minded, they’ve remained stingingly hot, since showcasing performances at SXSW ‘16 and ‘17 and CMJ. This Fort Collins-based project of slow-burning 90s pop-jangle is a sure winner for noisiest band in Colorado.

On top of the EP, the quartet efforts are highly notable. The group has been relentlessly touring the region and is starting another national show this month, after signing with Cincinnati-based Old Flame Records. Surf rock and is now headlining across some of Spotify’s most-view emerging artists playlists. If students are looking for one vibe to ride this summer, flip on Desert Minded and let it take you somewhere psychedelic, dazzling, and just plain awesome.

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