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In March 2017, indie-pop artist Lorde released two singles from her upcoming album, Melodrama, almost four years after her debut album Pure Heroine. The most recent single to come out, “Liability,” hits listeners right in the feels because of its relatability.

The song opens with the recount of a breakup. For all of those who have experienced a tough split, the lyrics “He don’t wanna know me/Says he made the big mistake of dancing in my storm” brings back the painful ordeal. For those who haven’t, the passionate strain in Lorde’s voice pulls the heartstrings and provides the same effect.

The chorus provides an explanation to the split with Lorde repeating that she is a liability to those around her, causing them to continually retract from her. The feeling of being a burden, although universal, is one that people tend to keep to themselves, making this song feel all the more personal.

The song reveals a more content message of acceptance. Towards the end of the first verse, Lorde runs into the arms of the only love she hasn’t messed up, confessing the comforting space of her own company. The song concludes with “You’re going to watch me disappear into the sun,” a line that shoots intense, late-night fading sensations straight through the listener’s heart and veins. With both the comfort of being alone and confidence in the future, Lorde does the hardest thing in a breakup: she accepts it.

Looking at the hand painted cover art of Melodrama further adds to the melancholy undertone of this specific song. The image of Lorde engulfed in blankets with a somber look on her face is reminiscent of the times when getting out of bed is just too hard. This portrait alludes to the rest of the album, coming out in June, filled with equally emotional songs.

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