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In October of 2013, I nervously walked through the doors of Tivoli #345. For weeks, I had been trying to get involved with the newspaper and I met the staff for the first time.

When I started out as a staff writer, the newspaper was named The Advocate, and I was the only staff member under the age of 21. I was 18 and bright eyed to the newspaper industry. I made mistakes while trying to learn AP style. I didn’t always know what to ask during an interview, and I had to learn how to pick a good story to cover. My first year on staff was difficult, but with every article, interview, and issue, I became a better writer and reporter.

My main job as a staff writer was covering the Senate SGA meetings. Every Friday for two and a half years, I sat and took notes on those meetings, then next week’s pitches would reflect the context. During these meetings, I learned the ins and outs of how a university functions.

I made the transition from staff writer to News Editor during my junior year, which was also the same semester we went to referendum. This was my hardest time at CU Denver. The staff had to endure the grueling process of trying to prove our work and worth to the university. We had to campaign to let students know the importance of student media, while trying to balance school work and personal lives. Luckily the referendum passed, and we were all able to continue working for the paper.

As Managing Editor, I took on a larger role. I had to learn how to run a staff of almost 20 and maintain my school work. This position has been by far the most challenging, yet rewarding work, I have ever done. We overcame new obstacles and became a stronger news source for students. Savannah and I traveled to Washington, D.C. to meet other students with the same passion for student media, and were able to meet some of our favorite journalists and tour other newsrooms.

At times, it felt that my rent would have been better paid to the Tivoli because I spent most of my time sitting at my desk. Although spending 16 or more hours on campus in one day is exhausting, I wouldn’t trade this job for anything. 

Now it’s May  2017 and in a few short weeks I will exit Tivoli #345 with a confidence I didn’t know I had four short years ago. This has a been the greatest job. Thanks to all the readers and supporters of the Sentry who make this all possible.


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