CD Review // Flint Eastwood

BROKE ROYALTY // Neon Gold Records

Flint Eastwood, née Jax Anderson, released her EP Broke Royalty, on April 14. “Queen”—the first single from the EP—plays as the thematic backdrop to the EP, which is a twisting culmination of both dark and upbeat flares.

Eastwood offers her soul-searching advice while doing some of her own throughout the EP. “Queen is about taking charge and owning up to your own kingdom,” Eastwood said to Spin Magazine. “And in a way I wanted to showcase mine.”

For listeners looking for a more uptempo song, “Rewind” serves it with a hint of EDM from the hugely successful producer, GRiZ. Eastwood taps into her fears and insecurities, all while encouraging audiences to power distressful situations. “What if we always learned to love ourselves?” coos Eastwood in “Rewind,” which harks the listener to accepts one’s mistakes and begin again.

If bouncing techno music is more your forte, “Mon- ster” offers that and more. Eastwood wasn’t afraid to experiment, sliding cleanly from one musical style to the next in the brief but strictly potent EP.

Eastwood’s efforts are clearly noticeable in Broke Royalty. Still in the infancy of her career, her ambition guided her to sample a bit of everything. With time, Eastwood’s artistic sense will be a magnet for listeners around the globe.

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