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Pho Bom is a geode waiting to be discovered: its exterior may be unnoticeable, blending into the blandness of the background, but it isn’t defined by its surface or its environment. Despite being hard on the eyes, this classic Vietnamese noodle and grill restaurant is easy on the stomach.

Push past the front doors, the first sensations will wash over like a pleasant spring rain. There’s plenty of open space since the tables don’t clutter each other. Furthermore, the tables are slightly elevated so any inexperienced American can use chopsticks and feel cultured. The room is brightly lit, thanks to a row of large windows facing the north–none of which overlooks the Olinger Hampden Mortuary & Cemetery next door.

The interior design isn’t that sophisticated or creative, but it accomplishes its purpose of conjuring a soothing atmosphere. Instrumental music contributes to this calm ambiance, and it’s a nice change from mainstream radio songs that many establishments play. If customers get tired of gazing upon the traffic on East Hampden Avenue, they can turn their attention to a standard aquarium next to the door. There are only three fish inside, but observing them interact inside such a tranquil restaurant has a sedative effect. If sleep isn’t what consumers had in mind, Pho Bom contains two large television sets to broadcast sporting events for their viewing pleasure.

The food is incredible. No amount of adjectives can justify the anticipated tastes.The menu offers a variety of appetizers, meals, desserts, and special dishes, including a dashing array of Boba smoothies. It would be a sin to pass up on the Chinese crab wontons, since the low cost complements the deliciousness. The wontons are crisped to perfection, and the crab meat was ground so finely it was practically cream. The combination of the contrasting textures generates a powerful savor that will linger for days.

Don’t pass up on the beef rice noodle soup: this meal comes in 14 different variations including flavors like chicken and tofu. Connoisseurs can further accessorize this dish with supplements such as sauces and spices. The broth is heated to the most optimal temperature that even Goldilocks would approve at the first spoonful. Despite its name, there are several vegetarian options as well. Pho Bom can cater to other needs: salads and meats are provided. There is even a kid’s menu for those who want to make the dining experience a family affair.

Now there are plenty of Vietnamese restaurants around Denver. Any patron can attest to the freshness of the food, the speed of delivery, the excellent service, and the cheap prices for large portions. More than anything else: the appeal lies in the taste. This is a restaurant that everyone has to try.

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