Tomi Lahren fired from TheBlaze

Illustration // Madalyn Drewno


Illustration// Madalyn Drewno

Loudmouth Millennial host of the conservative show Tomi on TheBlaze, Tomi Lahren, was suspended and then formally released from host of the show for coming out as pro-choice.

Lahren has a strong following on Facebook and Twitter and she has made a career by calling out “political snowflakes,” blaming liberals for the overly-sensitive decay of America. She is often regarded as the voice of young conservatives in America. Yet, her new pro-choice stance would suggest otherwise, leading many to wonder: “Is she an outspoken conservative for the fame, or what?”

Many females have come to her defense about wanting to reserve the right to your body, but many are criticizing her in the same way that she has found her fame in crucifying liberals. While it is important to have more public figures speaking out in favor of being pro-choice, giving Lahren a pass for most of her opinions because of her pro-choice stance isn’t conducive to social change.   

The problem doesn’t lie with Lahren’s abortions stance, it lies with her being vocal about her narrow opinions and her unforgiving nature that reveal the true hypocrisy of her political views. She has mocked protesters involved with the Women’s March and Black Lives Matter. She has shamed people of different beliefs and created a narrative based on name-calling and lack of empathy. That’s the problem.

Lahren is now suing, Glenn Beck founder of TheBlaze, for retaliation based on her liberal position towards abortion. She defended her stance by saying that she supports the Constitution and limited government. If the government were to get involved with both her body and her right to bear arms then she feels the government has crossed a line. She’s arguing for multi-faceted political views, something she has never encouraged through her commentary.

Now Lahren is playing the victim card, a card that a month ago she would have said was inappropriate for a pro-choice supporter to do. Political ideology should not waffle based on how the rules will benefit you. She hasn’t taken a stance on women’s issues before, and now that she is the target of gender-based harassment,  she is asking for support. 

In other loudmouth conservative voice news, Bill O’Reilly of Fox News has come under fire for a settlement in which he gave $13 million to five women who accused him of sexual assault. Several advertisers have pulled out of the air time during The O’Reilly Factor due to this lawsuit.

The problem with loud voices such as Lahren and O’Reilly is the fact that they are so unforgiving of people and their political ideologies or even basic human shortcomings, that when controversy surrounds them, the hypocrisy comes to light.

Lahren and O’Reilly are asking for forgiveness that they don’t deserve. They want viewers to excuse them of their actions but it is unwarranted. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones; but for the outspoken conservatives, their house is now shattering from their own pebbles.

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