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The last thing an artist wants to do is sit down and answer your shitty questions.” Goddamn.

When I got into the gig of music journalism, I wanted to uncover the hidden stories and surprise-antics of musicians. Constantly looking for the juicy hook, or the sharp angle on a story, I knew that these musically-inclined people must be full of content that’ll spark readership and moreover, show how mega-legit of a fan I am of their music.

Yeah, no. That is not quite how it works. I interviewed my first band about mid-way through the fall semester. (Disclaimer: to not made the band look bad, I’m keeping their name a secret. However, if you read that interview, it might be pretty clear which story it was.)

The band had sparsely graced my Facebook feed over the late spring and summer. Even paying no attention to them when they announced a headlining show, I was content in my own bubble. When one day, I got an email from their publicist and then stopped dead in my tracks at the end of the third paragraph. “I’m sure the guys wouldn’t mind doing a brief interview as well if you’d like to include that in your coverage.” My heart had started pounding. These people wanted me to ask them questions? I was wheezing and partially struck with excitement.

Long story short, the interview was fine. Phoners are weird with multiple people because you can’t track name to face to voice. So each quote looked like a jumble of all the musicians talking at once. I couldn’t shirk the feeling that I missed something. The story seemed dry, parched, and uninteresting, and felt like I was physically regurgitating a polished press release.

Zane Lowe offered this subtle reminder that the most important thing is the artist and the fan. The industry—which includes myself as a journalist—is merely a conduit to facilitate the connection between the artist and the fan. Nothing more and nothing less. 

In the wise words of Kendrick Lamar,“Hol’ up, bitch, be humble.” No one is ever disserviced by their own sense of humbleness. I’m here for the music and let’s let it ring.


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