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Buckle in, kids, it’s time for a lesson on LGBTQ+ terminology from yours truly.

With as many terms for sexualities and genders as there are nowadays, people are bound to get confused. It happens. Language is an ever-evolving beast that cannot be reigned in for the convenience of those who choose not to understand it.

So instead of ambling around cluelessly and probably committing a good number of faux pas, take a minute to sit down and get educated.

Today we learn the difference between a transgender person and cross-dressing drag queens.

With Trump’s recent reversal of the “bathroom bill”—which you can read about on page eight—trans people are under fire by people shouting “aren’t you afraid men dressing as women are going to go into the women’s bathroom and assault our daughters?!”

To start, that question is ridiculous, because people who commit sexual assault are going to do so whether or not the law says they can. Sexual assault is still illegal.

Second of all, that claim suggests that trans women are nothing more than men in dresses, which is bigoted and horrifically wrong.

Trans women are women. Period. Whether a trans woman undergoes every gender-reassignment surgery there is or never even thinks about beginning a physical transition, she is a woman.

There is a huge difference between trans women and men in dresses, because trans women are women, and men in dresses are men.

The fuzzy gray area that is a drag queen is what often confuses people.

A drag queen is a persona: a character. A made up person played by a—typically—gay male performer. Most of the time, men do drag as an exaggerated expression of sexuality, not because they identify as women.

Because they are men.

Drag culture is always under scrutiny by the LGBTQ+ community because of the way it affects transgender people and how they’re perceived by non-trans people. Either way, it’s a performance and a lifestyle, not an identity.

That’s the end of our lesson today, kids. Support your trans brothers and sisters.


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