From the Editor // Savannah Nelson


My dad’s heart broke, and I’m the one who did it. I was a senior in high school, and it was the day my dad asked if CU Denver had a softball team. The look on his face gave it all away—his shock, sadness, and disbelief that his all-conference softball-playing daughter was giving up her longtime dream. Even worse, I was headed to a college without NCAA sports. He slowly recovered, though it wasn’t easy. I too have found relief over the years.

The first time I stepped foot on the Colorado School of Mines’ campus, I fell in love: instantly. The students reeked of school spirit and the community was natural, never forced. People knew the names of everyone on their dorm floor, Blaster the Burro was a well-known celebrity mule, and a student could walk to the library and know each person they encounter—simple events that had nothing to do with my own college experience, and I was infatuated. Ever since the second weekend of my freshman year, I’ve been a regular on the engineering campus through countless visits to my partner’s alma mater.

Most of all, I found sanctity in NCAA sports through Colorado School of Mines. For over four years, I’ve been mending my heart’s separation from athleticism; namely, by being a huge Mines sports fan. From football games to floor hockey, I’ve had my ticket stub ripped. My favorite pastime has been men’s basketball. The student section in Lockridge Arena is my sanctuary; the Colorado School of Mines song is a chant I’ve gladly memorized.

Since 2013, I’ve been singing the victory song at the end of Mines men’s basketball triumphs. I’ve stood up in the front row, singing cheers and getting to know the other student fans—all of which go to school on that campus. I’ve been a wandering Lynx in a gym full of Orediggers, though I’ve never felt isolated. I’ve laughed with them, hoped with them, and chanted with them.  Our Mean Girls reference, “She doesn’t even go here” hasn’t gotten old. We’ve lost our voices and found joy in supporting a talented group of young men on the basketball court.

This past weekend, the team did the unthinkable. They hosted the first round of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament and made it to the next stage of March Madness—they’re moving onto the Sweet Sixteen. My hands were swollen and red after Mines swept Fort Lewis under the rug in an epic 86-67 win, and my throat was sore from singing about being a “Helluva engineer” for probably the last time.

I’ve accepted that as a Lynx, I’ve retired my jersey and any hope of following my softball dreams. On Auraria Campus, I’m a graduating student with an all-academic focus. In Golden, I get to see my passions come alive. Here’s to Mines, here’s to Marv the Miner, and here’s to that group of young men playing West Texas A&M in the next round. Thanks for mending my heart, one clear whiskey at a time.


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