CD Review // Rag n’ Bone Man


Columbia Records

Rory Graham, an up-and-coming blues and soul singer—performing under the pseudonym Rag‘N’Bone Man—has grabbed the attention of European audiences. His latest studio album, Human, is no exception. As of this February, it has become the best-selling male debut in a decade.

His success is well-deserved as his talent is undeniable. Graham’s voice perfectly fits the genre he sings: it’s so rich with soul and sincerity that listeners can feel the serious gravitas of every syllable that he drops. If there were any audio modifications to his voice, the changes were subtle. By large, the rawness of his voice comes off as refreshing and honest. It’s no wonder that most of his earlier works were acoustics, since Graham understands his strongest performances are conveyed through his acoustic performances.

Since then his tastes have expanded to incorporate electronic-synthesized hip-hop beats, but thankfully the orchestration has not been magnified to excess. The rhythmic beats only function as supplemental to the vocals, and only emphasizes the artist’s voice even more.

Captivated by his impressive and powerful deliveries, Rag‘N’Bone Man’s growing audience is looking forward to musical projects like Human with high expectations.


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