Single Review // Goldlink

Rough Soul (Squaaash Club)

Goldlink is a new face in the hip-hop world, and his inexperience does not match his talent.

His first mixtape, The God Complex, has received critical acclaim from critics, including shout-outs from Spin and Complex. His latest project, “Rough Soul,” is a single that released Sept. 2016.

By incorporating R&B, hip-hop, and electronica, Goldlink pieces together an interesting hybrid of sounds that he describes as “future bounce.” However, the unique tunes wouldn’t be complete without his stories. Like most rappers, Goldlink weaves his own experiences into his poetry. Most of his songs are deeply personal, from narrating his own Bildungsroman to confessing his own sins.

Despite this aberrance, “Rough Soul” still maintains Goldlink’s signature musical fusions, complete with a funky bassline and a smooth opening of synth chords. The minimalism and integration of genres is what endears Goldlink to his listeners, and this track won’t disappoint any of them.


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