High energy sustains DNCE show

Photo: Korina Rojo

Photo: Korina Rojo

Smaller concert venues like Summit Music Hall are uncommon in that they allow the audience a level of intimacy with the band that a venue like the Pepsi Center or Red Rocks Amphitheatre do not allow for the same kind of live music experience.

Smaller venues allow artists to connect with their audience on a more personal level, as seen withDNCE and their openers The Skins.

On Jan. 25, fans and parents of fans, slowly trickled into Summit Music Hall, which quickly became packed before show time, as they anticipated the night’s headliner, DNCE, fronted by Joe Jonas, former Jonas Brothers heart throb.

The show opened with a bass drop that resonated throughout the entire audience and gave way to upbeat and hardcore vibes, courtesy of the night’s opener, The Skins.

With the uniform amount of catchy melodies, modern hip-hop, and heavy beats, The Skins clearly knew exactly how to hype a crowd as lead singer Bay Li and lead rapper Kaya Nico jumped and danced around the stage.

The Skins are a strange group comprised of five individuals with different styles. Li and Nico kept the crowd singing and dancing along with while their backing band comprised of drummer Reef Cole, guitarist Daisy Spencer, and guitarist and synthesizer Russ Chell did little to hype the crowd. They didn’t take any attention away from Bay Li and Kaya Nico, who were clearly the life of the party. 

Their energy and upbeat tempos helped to set the precedent for DNCE.

DNCE appeared on stage shortly after 9 p.m., executing a facetious homage to Star Wars. The band dressed in Darth Vader masks and carried red light sabers.

They started their set with “Naked” and had the crowd jumping up and down within seconds to the banger.

Each band member brought something different to the table and seemed to keep the show engaging throughout the entire night. Cole Whittle and JinJoo Lee have an eclectic and relaxed vibe that kept an audience guessing, as Whittle was often doing rambunctious stunts on stage. He played the guitar while laying on the ground with his feet in the air, among other charming feats.

Joe Jonas was often missing from center stage, as he paraded different parts of the audience to personally serenade each section. Former Jonas Brothers drummer Jack Lawless was quiet but made up for it in his solid and goaded drumming abilities.

The night was fueled symbiotically with the same energy from both the band and crowd.

DNCE’s set list consisted of not only their singles “Cake by the Ocean” and “Toothbrush,” but also covers of songs like “Wannabe” by The Spice Girls and “Oops…I did it Again” by Britney Spears, giving everyone, including parents, something to jump and shake to.

The Skins and DNCE gave performances that would bring any angst-filled, Tumblr addicted, introverted teen out of the shadows of their bedroom and barely washed pajamas even former Jonas Brothers fans came out of hiding to see their middle school crush in action.

DNCE spent the night proving exactly why they have faced unprecedented success in less than two years. It would be no surprise to soon see The Skins headlining their own tour.

The entire night was a giant party clad with frequent confetti and perpetual high energy. Both bands possessed everything the cool kids are looking for these days: intense enthusiasm and a highly instagrammable show.

Despite the majority of the audience being under 18 years old, both acts did an outstanding job at keeping everyone’s attention. It was truly a night of music for everyone to enjoy.

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