Bowiefest rages at the Hi-Dive

Photo: Ashley Bauler

Photo: Ashley Bauler


By day the Hi-Dive bar on South Broadway is a dingy building next to high end stores and hip restaurants. By night it transforms into the biggest party on the block, simply putting neighboring bars to shame. Bowiefest on Jan. 6 took place at the Hi-Dive and was a musical-pop culture homage to the late David Bowie, a fashion icon and historically astute musician.

Local bands came together to pay their respects to David Bowie. Bands such as Ancient Elk, OKO TYGRA, and Shady Elders all took the stage to play Bowie cover songs. Each band was fitted with Bowie-inspired costumes: red wigs, glitter, and spandex decked the stage for ballsy, tongue-in-cheek rock-and-roll performances. Ancient Elk had the most intricate costumes of the night, sporting knee-high boots, and amazing hair accessories. The audience couldn’t help but have a deeper respect for the lengths the band was willing to go to remember Bowie.

Bowiefest-goers also donned DIY costumes and makeup that propagated a fun and carefree atmosphere in the venue. Women painted full-face makeup to replicate David Bowie, circa his Ziggy Stardust era. The gorgeously crafted bright blue eye shadow and splattered glitter gleamed in the neon lights, beamed from behind the bar.  With drinks flowing, music going, and every person singing along to each song—the festival seemed to truly be a work of art. 

The crowd was wild and involved in every performance. Concert-goers held up each other on their shoulders, and the audience rocked back and forth to the beat of the music. Fill with patronsdrunk and screaming every lyric to “Space Oddity,” Bowiefest was a memorable night of Denverites coming together to celebrate the epic musical stylings of David Bowie.

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