FROM THE EDITOR // Savannah Nelson

Until I went to college, I was the queen of bad writing habits. I thought starting a piece with a quote, inserting clichés, and asking rhetorical questions made my writing stand out among my peers. CU Denver’s English Writing program quickly snapped me out of those faux paus habits. Though my writing is flair-free, I find the clichéd phrase “it takes a village” creeping into my daily life.

I’m planning a September 2017 wedding. When former brides and grooms advise to wait until after college to get married, they’re not joking around: it’s stressful, expensive, and demanding. When you factor in physical distance from the wedding location, everything is harder. When you add school into the equation, it becomes near impossible.

The lines are blurring. There’s limited room to focus on axioms of communication when you need to email the food caterer by 3 p.m., and when it’s time to address save the date envelopes, the pen’s ink is a reminder to finish writing that introduction essay. My dreams cycle between walking across a stage and down an isle, with the occasional nightmare: like forgetting to wear pants to a lecture or spilling yellow paint on my wedding dress.

As I’m slipping and sliding into this turbulent mix of wedding stress and college woes, I’m grasping onto one thing: the kind and helpful people who have extended their kindness. They’ve made things easier for me in every way. They are supportive, compassionate, and eager to aid in getting things done.

This village is comprised of a core group: I’ve got my parents, who are helping me to achieve both academic success and pure #weddinggoals—especially my mom, who calls me once a week to work through the nuptial details. I’m thankful for their contributions, support, and encouragement that never stops giving.

There are the professionals in my life who have offered their services: the Sentry’s own Bobby has taken engagement photos, Mia has designed beautiful stationary, and William has agreed to be our DJ. Without their help, I’d be scrambling to find affordable vendors without sacrificing quality.

The Sentry Staff—editors, writers, and photographers alike—have played a monumental role in helping to maintain my sanity. They give me hope, through their participation in the Women’s March and their political action. They give me reassurance, through their non-biased reporting and storytelling photographs and maintenance of the Sentry website. They inspire happiness, through telling jokes, giving advice, and acting in solidarity.

Last, my partner is the core of my village. He’s there along side me, understanding the difficulty of balancing two different worlds, picking out what kind of dessert bar works best, and joking about how easy it would be to abandon all the planning and head for the courthouse. He’s there, helping flush out my eyes after I chop a bunch of peppers and accidentally rub my eyes.  As the planning and school-going continue I’m thankful to have him by my side. As the cliché goes, “Love will find a way.” Thanks for finding your way to me, Chad.

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