Bubu Puts Fresh Flavor First

Photo: Jeff Hawkins

Photo: Jeff Hawkins\


The “Fresh Revolution” is happening right in the heart of Denver at a little place called Bubu.

Located underground in the Walkway in Larimer Square, Bubu’s customers can witness owner and chef  Troy Guard’s mission to bring the Fresh Revolution to Denver firsthand.

Bubu is home to fresh and natural ingredients in a vast menu of customizable lunch bowl options in the spirit of an Asian-fusion concept.

The restaurant is set to celebrate a three-year anniversary this year, as it opened in July of 2014. They have since seen a surge in anxious and hungry repeat customers flooding a quaint space everyday during the lunch rush.

With an original interior design featuring marble and mixed wood countertops, orange leather chairs, and farm photography flooding the walls, it’s not hard to believe that nearly 90 percent of Bubu’s ingredients are served exactly how they are delivered to Bubu everyday.

Manager Mary Tan shares that Bubu preps everything fresh daily. “Everything is prepped fresh to [their] flavor profile,” Tan said. “It is all simply made. We have roasted carrots that are made with just salt and pepper.”

Other foods are prepared just as simply. “The chicken and steak is seared early in the morning,” Tan said. “Our seafood is super fresh and sushi grade. I have salmon and tuna that comes in on a daily basis, which is non-frozen. They are full fillets, and we break them down every single day.”

This process maintains freshness and stays true to their claim to the “Fresh Revolution.”

“We even have a ginger lemonade right now and the ginger juice that we put in it is juiced by us,” Tan said. “Nothing stays in our line for past a day and a half. We don’t have a lot of storage here, and we do that for a reason so we can stay fresh.”

Although Bubu’s dense menu can be overwhelming, customers should be pleased to find that they can order in three simple steps: (1) Pick a bowl, (2) Choose a base, and (3) Choose a protein.

Customers can choose from bowls like the OG Colorado, the Northern California, or the Hawaii Five-O.

The Thai Bowl ($8-14, depending on choice of protein) is Bubu’s most popular menu item. It’s composed of green papaya slaw, crispy shallots, Asian herbs, peanuts, toasted rice, and thai dressing.

Each bowl is served with a choice of base: brown rice, white rice, salad mix, or rice noodles; and a choice of protein: chicken thigh, grilled steak, raw salmon, chilled shrimp, raw tuna, or tofu.

If nothing on the menu stands out, customers also have the option to create their own bowl.

In its short life, Bubu has succeeded at serving the most fresh and delicious foods to their customers, bringing customers-turned-fans back every single day—along with their friends—for a healthier, yet still fairly priced, lunch option.

Bubu is open every weekday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. While the Larimer Square location is currently the only one, Bubu will be opening a second location in 2018 that will be on Tremont in the Republic Plaza on 16th Street Mall.


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