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Monthly Archives: December 2016

The Denver Flea Returns With Holiday Flair

SPORTS CASTLES HOSTS OPEN MARKET Thousands of people gathered for The Denver Flea’s Holiday Flea the weekend of Dec. 2. The Denver Flea is in its 11th year of production and brings a carefully curated list of Colorado small business owners face-to-face with eager small

Peppermint: Yes or No?

WHO ROASTS CHESTNUTS ANYMORE? The world unquestionably cannot deny the ubiquity of the sweet, aromatic beauty of peppermint. From first landing in the bellies of the ancient Egyptians to the ambrosial  peppermint mocha consumed while this is written, peppermint’s place as a staple flavor sits

Teaching for the Test: Lazy and Unhelpful

FOCUS ON KNOWLEDGE College is about learning. It is about obtaining knowledge and experience to improve life personally and professionally. A class should enlighten and engage a student and better prepare them for the world ahead. Unfortunately, though, classes are too often just seen as

City Scapes: Morgan Mackey

The dumpster fire that is 2016 is almost over. With every coming new year, it is chance to forget the past and move on to the future, which could not be more true for 2017. With the loss of a gorilla, the deaths of many

Trump’s Presidency

WHAT AMERICANS NEEDS TO KNOW Election Day was a historic, but not for the reason most voters were expecting. Republican nominee Donald Trump won the election, upsetting projected winner and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. When students, staff, and faculty members come back to campus in

Queerly Beloved: Gem Sheps

I swore this day would never come, but I cannot even trust myself anymore. I must confess. I watched an anime. I’ve always been adamantly against watching anime because my ADD makes it extremely difficult for me to pay attention to anything that isn’t in

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Revamped Study Space Ready To Welcome Students

AURARIA LIBRARY GETS A FACELIFT At the start of the fall semester students walked on campus and were met with construction at every turn— literally. Construction workers are remodeling the North Classroom, drilling into the concrete in front of the Plaza and P.E. Buildings, and

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Thanks Obama: Victory At Standing Rock

SIOUX TRIBE SUCCEEDS IN HALTING DAPL This year has been nothing short of tumultuous for Americans—especially the 8,250 Standing Rock Sioux Native Americans living where the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) was going to be built, along the border of North and South Dakota. However, on

INTERVIEW: Catfish & The Bottlemen

UK BAND FINDS GROOVE IN U.S. Bathed in the sweat and energy that is inherent in their live show, Catfish & The Bottlemen has risen as the cream of the crop of a live touring act. Catfish & The Bottlemen stop at the Ogden Theater