For Fun, For Rap, & For Broccolli


Dancing, singing, and performing antics under the acronym, Doing Real Ass Music, D.R.A.M. (pronounced Dr-ah-m) is heating up the mainstream.

What stands out about D.R.A.M. isn’t solely his spunky, rhyming, chipper sound in his hit “Cha Cha” or “Broccoli,” It’s that his music stands with heart. D.R.A.M. took a couple minutes to chat with the Sentry just to see why having that authentic connection still matters.

Sentry: Your latest album Big Baby D.R.A.M. just dropped and it was huge. Can you explain your style?

D.R.A.M.: Ah, yes! It’s like a blend of real vocals, real energy, and being real conversational. It’s call and response. When I was younger I hung around my older cousins and I found inspiration from artists beyond my years, like Al Green and Parliament Funkadelic. It was just a blessing.

Sentry: You’re playing a show up in Breckenridge on Dec. 10th for the Dew Tour, what can people expect from that show?

D: It’s gonna be fun, man! I am officially waiting until my shows in January to play Big Baby. That tour is gonna be sick, but until then, I want to keep things organized and fun for the fans. I want the music to be understood and received, so I’m definitely gonna do a lot crowd favorites. (D.R.A.M. starts singing “Cha Cha” over the phone) People are gonna feel big, cute, and they’re gonna exercise! There is gonna be a lot of content, I want it to feel real for the fans. People connect with the real stuff. I don’t put on a show that feels fake, man.

For D.R.A.M., it’s all about fun. “Even when I was dead ass broke, I still found ways to have fun,” the singer and songwriter said. It’s clear that he’s aiming for the big time, and that his charismatic energy, absolute funhouse of a life show, and distinct style is going to bring him there.

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