The Denver Flea Returns With Holiday Flair

Photo: Jeff Hawkins


Thousands of people gathered for The Denver Flea’s Holiday Flea the weekend of Dec. 2.

The Denver Flea is in its 11th year of production and brings a carefully curated list of Colorado small business owners face-to-face with eager small business supporters at multiple events throughout the year. Their most recent event was the Holiday Flea.

This year’s Holiday Flea took place at the Sports Castle—previously Sports Authority—on 10th and Broadway. The Sports Castle opened its doors for the first time since closing after Sports Authority filed for bankruptcy.

The Sports Castle’s three floors were packed with booths featuring 200 small businesses. Flea-goers had the opportunity to choose from a myriad of local goods while enjoying a craft beer or a cocktail as they look for the perfect gifts to complete their holiday shopping lists.

There were also food trucks parked outside the Sports Castle for attendees to enjoy something to eat while shopping.

This year’s Holiday Flea kicked off early Friday evening with the “Flea Holiday Party,” allowing people to browse the flea with a smaller crowd before the weekend arrived.

Crowds of thousands trickled into the old Sports Authority to view goods from local vendors. Vendors included people with a variety of different skill sets striving to transform their unique craft into a business.

These vendors varied from woodworkers like the creators of Hidden Gnome Woodworks—a group of men creating cutting boards, bottle openers, and other wooden goods by hand—to creators of handcrafted face and skin products like the Spinster Sisters who sold products like soap, lotion, and face masks, to jewelry-makers like Canned Goods who make handmade jewelry from repurposed tinned cans.

There were also many clothing vendors such as Local Standard and August Ink that sold unique graphic-printed clothing featuring art unique to Colorado.

Local Standard sold a T-shirt depicting a silhouette of Casa Bonita with the words “Sopapillas Only” printed across the chest, paying homage to Colorado locals who know not to eat anything at Casa Bonita except the sopapillas.

August Ink sold trendy graphic tees and hoodies with “Denver” printed across the chest. Other local Denver businesses such as Glamour Bar Denver were also in attendance ,offering express services for Flea goers wanting a quick manicure or braid in their hair.

At this year’s Holiday Flea, attendees had the opportunity to see some of Colorado’s best small businesses shine and found the perfect gifts for their loved ones and expand their knowledge on Colorado’s incredible small business scene.

Small business owners also had the opportunity to broaden their market and brands in addition to reaching out to other brands.  Most vendors also sell their products online, possessing the opportunity to connect with their customers outside of events like the flea.

The Denver Flea’s next event will be held in the spring to kick off their 12th year.

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