C.D. Review: The Weeknd

Starboy (Republic Records)

On Sept. 22, Abel Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd, released the first single from his newest album, which would also become the album’s namesake Starboy. Little did fans know that a stellar 18-track album would follow just two months later.

In his third studio album, The Weeknd showcases his true talents. The album starts with tracks featuring fast hardcore style break-beats on “Rockin’, but The Weeknd meticulously slows his listener down in the seventh track, a bedroom-stained R&B ballad style “True Colors” singing, “if I love you, it’d be just for you.”

The Weeknd has not strayed away from his vulnerable and detached persona portrayed in previous albums and has instead added another layer to his music in relating true and painful romance. This is portrayed in the track “Nothing Without You” where he sings, “I feel the darkness when I’m away from you,” and “I’m insane without your touch.”

While previous albums lacked vocal variety, The Weeknd has put the days of monotonous tracks far behind him. Starboy is a true gem in the artist’s discography. Utilizing innovative and crystallized production Starboy marks a turning point in his music career.

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