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Daily Archives: December 7, 2016

Letter to the Editor: How Important is Our Safety?

HOW IMPORTANT IS OUR SAFETY Our culture privileges the uninhibited right to own firearms over the lives of kindergartners, teachers, moviegoers, worshippers, the police, and people in general. This reality has taught us to prepare for—even to expect—a mass shooting. Mass shooters have been educated

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“I Know Better”(Columbia Records) Veteran R&B singer John Legend released his fifth album DARKNESS AND LIGHT on Dec. 2. The first track “I Know Better” starts the album off strong, setting up high expectations for the rest of the album. Legend expresses his feelings about

C.D. Review: The Weeknd

Starboy (Republic Records) On Sept. 22, Abel Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd, released the first single from his newest album, which would also become the album’s namesake Starboy. Little did fans know that a stellar 18-track album would follow just two months later. In

C.D. REVIEW: Childish Gambino

“Awaken, My Love!” (Glassnote Entertainment Group) In Childish Gambino’s third album he avows to the world that he has another card up his sleeve. Known as a comedian, actor, and rapper, Donald Glover didn’t offer any prior insight into his new project “Awaken, My Love!”

NOISE F.M: William Card

As it does for most families, Christmas is a yearly holiday that inevitably comes. As movies like Elf point out, with age comes pending drainage of the Christmas spirit. With this unfortunate socialization, what’s the point to burning the energy year each year to reverse

California-style Punk Party Rings the Gothic

FIDLAR, SWMRS, AND PUNK ROCK Throughout its history Punk music has had a menagerie of different sub-cultures develop during its almost 50 year existence. From hardcore to grind-core to ska-core to crust-punk and garage-rock all these stem from similar anti-establishment ideals and uncouth attitude that

For Fun, For Rap, & For Broccolli

  Dancing, singing, and performing antics under the acronym, Doing Real Ass Music, D.R.A.M. (pronounced Dr-ah-m) is heating up the mainstream. What stands out about D.R.A.M. isn’t solely his spunky, rhyming, chipper sound in his hit “Cha Cha” or “Broccoli,” It’s that his music stands

From the Editor: Savannah Nelson

It’s the best time of the year: I live for Christmas. Not only does CU Denver have an outrageously long (and appreciated) winter break, the holiday is filled with extensive cheer: there are simple traditions and family time and a quiet return to my hometown.

Disney’s Moana Producers Visit CU Denver

STUDENTS INSPIRED BY CREATIVE PROCESS Disney has been under the public eye for being a studio that fails to incorporate diversity into its films and characters. In response, Disney hit the drawing board and released its much anticipated indigenous princess flick, Moana.       

The Denver Flea Returns With Holiday Flair

SPORTS CASTLES HOSTS OPEN MARKET Thousands of people gathered for The Denver Flea’s Holiday Flea the weekend of Dec. 2. The Denver Flea is in its 11th year of production and brings a carefully curated list of Colorado small business owners face-to-face with eager small