SENTRY EXCLUSIVE: Nina Switched Out Vegas for Denver

Online Exclusive: DJ Nina Las Vegas at Beta

Sometimes it’s impossible to know what’s exactly in store when it comes to entertainment.. It was crystal-clear, however, from the crowd’s reaction at one of the opening sets during the HYPERHOUSE’s  stop at Denver’s Beta Nightclub that expecting the unexpected was exactly what they needed to do.

“Hello, I’m Nina Las Vegas,” a voice crooned, as special effect lasers cut through the packed main floor of the club. The booming booth voice was none other than the Australian underground dance force Nina Agzarian: beloved EDM DJ, producer, and the self-titled #girlboss and founder of an innovative dance label. Agzarian, who performs under the stage name Nina Las Vegas is all about championing undiscovered music that aims to “change the game.”

The Sentry had the chance to sit down with Nina for a few minutes before her Beta set to discuss dance music in 2016, her label, and how to embrace what the future has in store.

Sentry: What would you say is the most exciting part of club and dance music culture in 2016?

Nina Las Vegas: It has to be the space. There is a tremendous amount of space for all kinds of music nowadays. Because of the revolution of the internet and how it can connect us, I feel that there is more space than ever before for all types of music to be appreciated.

Consider a song like “Cold Water” by Major Lazer. Even a couple years ago, that wouldn’t have been as huge a song as it is now. Good music has always been able to move. If it’s good, it’ll move. But with artists like Cashmere Cat and his song with Selena Gomez, the internet has allowed these songs to move much more organically.

It’s also super important to mention women in the scene. Right now, there are more women in the scene than ever before. We’re all able to make a living. Sure, we’re out there playing all the time, but it’s all a part of the game.

It’s also exciting for me to play with a US audience. Sydney can sometimes feel like a small city, because when I play clubs, I’ll see the same people night to night. Yet in the US, it feels like I’ll see a new crowd each time I play the same city.

S: What’s your current favorite release from your record label, NLV Records?

NLV: Lewis Cancut for sure. His new track, “Ice Cream & Asphalt” is just awesome. It’s like the perfect summertime track. This label has been an incredible experience for me to promote the music that I believe in.

S: What was one of the scariest thing about leaving Triple j (radio station)  and devoting more time to NLV Records?

NLV: Well I felt like I learned everything that I could—I was in that job for like 10-11 years, and it just felt really easy for me. It wasn’t enough of a challenge to get big names like Skrillex and Flume to come to do their mixes. It was tough though. It came with a lot of judgement, like I was making the wrong decision.  I knew that I wanted to get more out of my career and life. There was a lot of music I believed in and wanted to support.  My biggest piece of advice is to keep at it. If you have an idea—believe it. No matter what.

Though it’s unclear when Nina Las Vegas will return to the Denver nightclub stage, the internationally rising DJ  made sure to leave a lasting impression on her Beta audience. Her mixing was flawless, as the 18-and-over crowd sweated, thrusted, and jumped their way through her set, vowing to keep the party going all night.

Fans can connect with Nina Las Vegas on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat (@ninalasvegas) as well as the latest releases from NLV Records (@nlvrecords).

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