Lane 8 Digs To Engage & Detach From The Phone

Photo courtesy of Lane 8

Connected at the hip, hand, and now the wrist — tiny devices ping, buzz, and shake us into focusing on a screen the size of our palm instead of the expansive world around us. Cell phones persistently rival to rule our way of life, or, less dramatically, our attention span. One producer is ready to challenge just that. Lane 8 methodically crafted the This Never Happened tour to create an adventure that will sew itself deeper than any live experience before. On Saturday Nov 12, Denver will have a special chance to partake in that journey.  

Coming off a searing remix of RUFUS DU SOL’s “Interbloom,” the producer’s hypnotic melting pot of meditative and earnest house music has garnered him international momentum. With so much energy built up, Lane 8 is primed to spark a revolution.

“We live at a time when distractions from reality are never further away than our fingertips. Daniel Goldstein, the mastermind behind Lane 8 says. While this concept might come with hesitation to those who use the live concert as a chance share their excitement. Goldstein expresses that the experience will dig much deeper if experienced without phones. “We take our concept quite seriously. At the show, we tape over everyone’s phone cameras and hand out a little business card with our mission statement.” Even early on, the idea has embedded itself into audiences across the country. “We have found that nearly everyone at our show gets the concept and even better, is excited to try it out,” Goldstein says.

While thought might be potentially frightening “almost every fan we have talked to after the shows has told us that they enjoyed themselves infinitely more because they and everyone around them was so immersed in the experience.” Having grown up experiencing live performance juggernauts like Tracy Chapman, REM, Pearl Jam, and Justice, it’s evident how Goldstein is invested in creating a truly immersive experience.

Crazy? Maybe. Potential to be the most engrossing concert ever? Absolutely.

For those still skeptical of the concept, Goldstein simply urges to “dance, jump, scream, talk to your neighbor. The room is full of people who have the same taste in music as you. If you go into the night with an open mind and a willingness to try something new, you will probably have the best night ever.”

Lane 8 will be playing the Bluebird Theater in Denver Colorado, Saturday Nov 12. Tickets are avalaible at:

Fans can stream his music here & follow him on FB and Twitter (@lane8music)


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