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In a detailed report from 2013, Complex compiled a list “To Convince The World You’re Cooler than You Are.” The penultimate measurements were without fail aiming to obtain a state of casual indifference, whilst doing drugs. With no desire to partake in illicit substances, but a robust itch to be socially desirable, being cool has never put the world, or much less, myself (a developing young adult) in a more perplexing paradoxical position.

“It’s popular to be chill at the moment. Relaxed is the new upbeat and smooth is the new energized,” Indie Shuffle praises of up and flowering British singer-songwriter Matt Woods. In his latest single “Nothing Less,” Woods combines a sweet and salty mix of savory waves to merge into an amorphous blob of chill and cool. The track, currently trending #1 on Hype Machine, a taste-making blog curator, has driven the attention of thousands of hipsters and trendsetting seekers’ eyes, clicks, and ears to the singer/songwriter.

However, in a personal statement about the songwriting, Woods has something very different to say. Clash reports that “‘Nothing Less’ gets to the heart of this dichotomy. “This is probably both the saddest and most upbeat song I have put out so far,” declares Woods, continuing: “I love the idea of people getting some joy out of what is really a heartbreaking sentiment.’”

Woods is onto something. An outward reflection of honesty and authenticity has a divine place in the human experience. In my opinion, this is what makes music publicity an equally exciting and soul-draining game. From day-to-day, it varies between spreading the good word, and capitalizing the veritable human escapade as something easily consumable and chill. The social obligation to be cool oftentimes is maddening, and frankly leads to faking a persona of indifference to gain the approval and adoration.

This is why I decide to wear socks with holes. Over the weekend, I was visiting extended family that recently moved to Littleton, and one of my younger cousins and I both reveled in wiggling our toes through our damaged socks. Even to the chagrin of my cousin and I looking like slobs, we had our own reasons. We did it because it meant something to us. I felt the good luck mojo of the socks, and Jacob wanted some free air conditioning. I’m sure that we can all agree that trying to be cool is lame. And seriously, as temptingly cool as the white, powdery substances looks; take my editors’ advice. Don’t do coke.

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