Jackson Conducts Classic Country Throwdown

All devoted country fans know who Alan Jackson is, and some young bucks may ask why that is. Alan Jackson debuted back in 1987 and is still continues to tour and draw large crowds at age 57.

On Oct. 1, Jackson marshaled a diversified crowd at Fiddler’s Green Ampitheatre in Centennial, CO with seniority ranging from 5 to 70 years of age. Lasting over an hour and a half, Jackson sang a total of 24 songs. From opening with “She’s Gone Country” and closing the evening with “The Way I Am,” fans belted each song from beginning to end.

The atmosphere did not feel like it would get crazy or out of hand, unlike when Brad Paisley, Toby Keith, or Lady Antebellum perform. Jackson fans were drinking, having a wonderful time, yet they were respectful of those around them. Not every chair was occupied, but the pit in front of the stage was filled with jovial, foot flacking, dancing people. The lawn was filled with those who sat on blankets and majestically waved their cell phones on slower songs, such as “Remember When” and Where Were You” to create the mood.

Jackson sang every song as if he were performing back in the 90s. His guitar playing skills are unparalleled to his time as a brazen songwriter. His eight-member backup band filled out Jackson’s timeless album sound with additional guitar, piano, bass, drum and violin accompaniment. Changing out guitars a few times during the show, the distractrion didn’t detract from Jackson’s love for performing. About halfway through his performance, he and his band mates sat down and did a medley of songs so that the audience could experience a   potent punch in the short time that he had. Fans absorbed the intimate change on stage and devoured and cried along to hits such as “Chasin’ that Neon Rainbow,”  and “Wanted.”

Jackson created a robust Colorado vibe during his performance and delivered the utmost respect to the state. He changed a few lyrics in his song to interchange “Colorado” and the crowd went wild each and every time he did it. During an elated part of the set, Jackson sang the song “As She’s Walking Away,” whom he orginally sings with Zac Brown Band. The song, “As She’s Walking Away” featuring Jackson, drew a clamor indicating that Jackson made an effective cross-over to current country fans as well.

Dancing, singing and drinking are quintessential parts of the country music scene and everyone was doing just that on Oct 1. Alan Jackson pulled from a fun and enjoyable crowd that could not take their eyes off him. Phones constantly recorded every move he made, capturing every song and unadulterated emotion.

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