Avenhart’s Sublime and Brisk Ascension

Photo: Korina Rojo


While Avenhart was born only last year, the band is already seeing tons of success. With an upcoming EP, a battle of the bands victory, and an opening slot performance at Lynxapalooza on Sept. 17—an annual festival held on

Photo: Korina Rojo | CU Sentry

Auraria Campus— Avenhart is showing no signs of hesitation.

The Denver-based indie folk bluegrass band consists of Alex Drapela, Alex Goldberg, Phil Heiff oron, Andrea Parés, Olivia Shaw, and Payden Widner. They are all CU Denver students, both current and alum, of the College of Arts and Media.

The Sentry had the opportunity to chat with Andrea and Olivia of Avenhart about their approaching EP, performances, and goals.

S: How did the band form?

A: We met in bluegrass ensemble. As a music major, you’re required to take a certain number of ensemble classes. Our teacher Greg Garrison kept saying, “you guys should form a band.” Last fall, we made it official.

S: You’ll be releasing your first EP soon. What has the creative process been like?

O: It’s been fun. It’s an intimate process. It’s hard, but making those decisions, those arrangements, lead to somethin

g that you’re really proud of.

A: The first EP is accidentally kind of super sad. It’s just a reflection of the time of our lives that we were in when we wrote the songs and what inspired us.

S: What is your favorite track off the EP?

A: My favorite is “Enough” that Olivia wrote. We spent a long time on the arrangement. I think it has a strong punch.

O: “Madeline” written by Payden and Andrea. It’s really fun to play a song where you can hoodwink the audience.

S: What’re your thoughts on the upcoming Lynxapalooza performance?

A: CU Denver Live has made this a really cool event.

O: It’s gonna be fun having it in mid-September because it gives students a little more time to get ready for it, to hear about it, and make friends to go to it with.

S:What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned as a musician?

A: As a musician, persistence is the most valuable thing I’ve learned. As a band, respect and communication go hand in hand. It’s an interesting process when you’re working with other people who have to be emotionally vulnerable and who share their art with you.

O: If you open yours

elf up to something that you’re passionate about, it goes hand in hand with creating magic.

Music is the greatest connecting force that I’ve ever experienced. As a band, we’ve learned a lot about ourselves by being together.

S: What are your goals for the band in the future?

A: Touring every single year. I would love for this to be my job.

O: Traveling, sharing music with people, collaborating with other musicians. I’m so glad I went here, because I wouldn’t have met any of them. I love our band and the people in it.

Students can catch Avenhart at Lynxapalooza Sept. 17 in the Tivoli Quad. Tickets are available at: lynxa2016.bpt.me.  

          Fans can check out Avenhart’s Facebook (@avenhartmusic) for details on their upcoming EP, Fade Away, and shows.

Feature Photo: Korina Rojo

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