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Bubble Trouble: The Fastest Way to Ruin Your Morning


Rupert’s at the Edge is famous for a few things, including beautiful views of Sloan’s Lake and vegan french toast. Families and friends have the most positive experiences from the variety of comfort foods they serve. With the reasonable price and different options of the menu, there’s always something new to try, and one thing to try multiple times: bottomless mimosas.

Served all weekend for only $8.50, mimosas offer the chance to entertain a little adult fun while enjoying brunch. But if the weekend is not the best time to dine out, these mimosas are still bottomless and available on weekdays. 


The brunch spot is named after co-owner Susan Olsen’s Uncle Rupert, who coined their motto: “Brunch without mimosas is just a sad, late breakfast.” Initially, one might agree with the statement, until witnessing the catastrophes bottomless mimosas bring to those with lack of self control.

Dining at Rupert’s, it can be hard to see the positive aspects of this alcoholic treat. In moderation, these drinks will hardly affect anyone who drinks regularly, but diners have proven other circumstances. If one’s looking for a great way to ruin a morning, stop at Rupert’s on the Edge and have a few bottomless mimosas.

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